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IPFS CLOUD | Decentralized, Anonymous Storage Service

for Storage

It aims to bring Easy-to-use, Intuitive, Seamless Interface to the daily User and A Wide Range of Extensive APIs and Developer Tools for Developers to help them build Internet 3.0 without re-inventing the Wheel.

In Short, it Reduces the Friction between the World and Internet 3.0.

Key Features

  • • Uses SRP protocol for Authentication which effectively conveys a Zero-Knowledge Password Proof from the Client to the Server.

  • Easy-to-use, Intuitive, Seamless Interface.

  • Store, Share and Sync Data across all your devices.

  • MultiSig Encryption (Shamir's Secret Sharing) for Security while Collaboration.

  • Easy sign up to autoamted trading platforms. Visit to learn more.

  • Hosting website for Free within a Minute.

  • • A Wide Range of Extensive APIs for developers APIs and Tools for the Internet of Future.

  • OpenSource: Ability to connect 3rd Party apps on IpfsCloud.

  • IPFS Search engine (Indexing the files on IPFS network).

Upcoming Features

  • Peer-to-Peer market for storage. Users can rent out disk space to other users.

  • Peer-to-Peer Cloud computing. Users can rent out computation power to other users.

  • • Integration with NextCloud as an External Storage Option.

Technical | How It Works?

IpfsCloud Brings Best of Internet 3.0

IpfsCloud uses IPFS for all it's storage purposes. It uses OrbitDB for managing user accounts. User can decide if he wants to keep data public or private. By default all the data(Encrypted, if the data is private) that is uploaded on the IpfsCloud is distributed and pinned on different public nodes.

It uses Shamir's Secret Sharing to distribute access keys between collaborators. It divides data(key) D into n pieces in such a way that D is easily reconstructable from any k pieces, but even complete knowledge of k - 1 pieces reveals absolutely no information about D. This technique enables the construction of robust key management schemes for cryptographic systems that can function securely and reliably even when misfortunes destroy half the pieces and security breaches expose all but one of the remaining pieces. Even the most demanding cryptocurrencies use strong cryptography to secure financial transactions. Since it is pretty safe, people can invest and trade cryptocurrencies fearlessly, even on auto trading bots like Bitcoin Lifestyle. Read the bitcoin Lifestyle blog here at to learn more.

Secure Authentication
SRP is a secure password-based authentication and key-exchange protocol. It solves the problem of authenticating clients to servers securely, in cases where the user of the client software must memorize a small secret (like a password) and carries no other secret information, and where the server carries a verifier for each user, which allows it to authenticate the client but which, if compromised, would not allow the attacker to impersonate the client. In addition, SRP exchanges a cryptographically-strong secret as a byproduct of successful authentication, which enables the two parties to communicate securely.